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Deluxe edition "Force Spike" 14"x24"

Deluxe edition "Force Spike" 14"x24"

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Harness the arcane power with our captivating Force Spike Extended Art playmat, featuring the iconic card from Magic: The Gathering's revered Legends set in this 14"x24" Playmat.

Elevate your TCG experience with our superior-grade playmats! Unlike many options available in the market, our playmats boast unique characteristics that set them apart:

- Enhanced 3mm Thickness: Unlike the standard 1.5-2mm mats, ours offer increased thickness. This ensures the mat remains perfectly flat and adds a substantial feel for improved gameplay.
- Durable Stitched Edges: Our mats are designed with reinforced stitched edges to prevent fraying or peeling, guaranteeing you countless gaming sessions.
- Convenient Packaging: Delivered in a sturdy 3″ diameter tube, which also serves as an excellent storage solution to safeguard your mat when it's not in action.
- Non-Slip Rubber Base: The heavier 3mm thickness, combined with a rubber backing, ensures your mat stays in place, providing stability during intense gaming moments.
- Exclusive Artwork by me

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