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Deluxe edition "Urborg" 14"x24"

Deluxe edition "Urborg" 14"x24"

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Immerse yourself in Dominaria's mystical realm with our captivating Extended Art Urza's Saga Urborg playmat. Featuring iconic artwork from the Legends set, this 14"x24" playmat unveils Urborg's mysterious landscape. Its extended art enhances the timeless beauty, appealing to Magic: The Gathering enthusiasts and art connoisseurs.

Elevate your TCG experience with our superior-grade playmats! Unlike many options available in the market, our playmats boast unique characteristics that set them apart:

- Enhanced 3mm Thickness: Unlike the standard 1.5-2mm mats, ours offer increased thickness. This ensures the mat remains perfectly flat and adds a substantial feel for improved gameplay.
- Durable Stitched Edges: Our mats are designed with reinforced stitched edges to prevent fraying or peeling, guaranteeing you countless gaming sessions.
- Convenient Packaging: Delivered in a sturdy 3″ diameter tube, which also serves as an excellent storage solution to safeguard your mat when it's not in action.
- Non-Slip Rubber Base: The heavier 3mm thickness, combined with a rubber backing, ensures your mat stays in place, providing stability during intense gaming moments.
- Exclusive Artwork by me

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