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Limited Edition Bee Swarm Pendelhaven Playmat

Limited Edition Bee Swarm Pendelhaven Playmat

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A Nexus of Nature and Poison:

Limited 100 print run hand signed and numbered Pendelhaven: Bee Swarm Playmat takes the beloved art of Pendelhaven to new depths, intertwining the beauty of nature with the lethal prowess of poison. The mighty white oak tree, once a symbol of stability, now stands as a deceptively tranquil haven, concealing the deadly secret of its honey bee guardians.

Crafted with meticulous precision, this 14" x 24" 1/8" thick playmat offers a smooth surface that elevates your gaming experience. The premium quality materials and stitched edges ensure durability, allowing you to engage in countless tactical battles and immerse yourself in the world of lethal strategy. The Mat comes hand signed and numbered by the artist

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